Tattoo Artists

Tattoos are among the oldest forms of body art and modification. Back then, they were used to symbolise status, social hierarchy, and power. Today, they’re considered a prominent form of self-expression. Although there is this taboo revolving tattoos, it’s slowly fading away with more and more people accepting the art.

Now, before you get yourself inked, there are a lot of things and factors you need to take into account. One is your choice of tattoo studio in Melbourne. A wrong choice could get you into a complete disaster.

Lucky for you, the best tattoo artists are in Vivid Ink Tattoos. Get to know them below:


Matt started tattooing in 1995 while at the time working as a sign writer and drawing a lot. Matt’s favourite type of work is portrait and realism, in colour and/or black and grey. Matt is constantly branching out into other styles and is always pushing himself further in terms of design and application.

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Nicolas Gutierrez

Colombian made tattoo artist, raised in Bogotá. Moved to Melbourne in 2016 looking for new experiences and adventures.

My career started with new school and illustrative tattoos and gradually moved towards old school and American traditional, which gave me the opportunity to participate in multiple tattoo conventions and to meet amazing artist from all over the world.

Living in Melbourne encouraged me to explore new tattoo techniques that I've been practicing and mastering.

I'm currently specialising in black and grey and neo traditional tattoos, but I'm always open to explore new styles and trying to find the best ways to express my art.

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Jhonie Vasquez

Colombian tattoo artist, born in Medellín Colombia. He came to Melbourne in 2019 looking for new experiences in the social and cultural field that help him grow and motivate his artistic level focused on tattooing.

At the beginning of his career towards works such as lettering and tattoos in neo-traditional style, With the passage of time and exploring more in this world, he became interested in the black and gray style, but without losing sight of the different tattoo styles such as Japanese, geometric, dotwork and some color realism. Living in Melbourne has motivated me to understand new tattoo technique, which I have been using to improve my artistic level day by day.

I currently specialize in black and gray tattoos, but I am always looking for and exploring new styles to improve my skills.


A second-generation tattoo artist, I've grown up surrounded by the art and culture of tattooing. Following in the footsteps of Matt Chubbs legacy, I began my own tattooing journey in 2021. With a passion for precision and detail, I've honed my skills in fine line and heavy black work while also being versatile and consistently skilled across all tattooing styles.
My artistry is characterized by delicate, intricate lines and bold, striking blackwork. I take pride in creating custom pieces that not only showcase my technical skill but also tell a story or evoke an emotional response. From minimalist designs to statement pieces, I'm dedicated to bringing my clients' visions to life.

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Born and raised in Melbourne, Yogi comes from a background in music, ceramics, and jewellery. 

Finally finding tattooing as his passion, Yogi specialises in neo-trad cartoons with eye catching colours, but won't say no to some black and grey work when called for, and always trying to improve his skills and evolve as an artist

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Hi, I'm Paige Perry, an Australian tattoo apprentice with 2 years of experience in the industry. I'm passionate about creating unique, custom designs that reflect my clients' individuality and personal style.

I specialize in black and grey, stipple, realism and blackwork. I'm constantly seeking new ways to push the boundaries of tattoo art and explore fresh ideas.

When you work with me, you can expect a professional, friendly, and relaxed experience. I'll take the time to understand your needs, answer any questions you may have, and guide you through the tattoo process from start to finish.

Let's Create Something Amazing Together! 

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Oliver has been painting and drawing since he was young, he has studied at the Victorian College Of The Arts and applied what he has learned to his tattooing. He has started tattooing in 2015, and has loved it ever since. He enjoys all styles, favouring colour Neo Traditional and Neo Japanese

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Best Female Tattoo Artists in Melbourne

Melbourne the is home of the best female tattoo artists in Australia. Although most of them are quite versatile, some have already honed a specific style. Some are known for their minimalist tattoo designs. Others are sought after for their realism tattoos in Melbourne.

Sure, you can easily open your favourite browser and search for the best female tattoo artists in Melbourne. But you cannot immediately say that it’s already a job well done. You have to carefully go through all your prospect artists, read reviews about their past customers’ experiences, and gather any relevant information that could help you come up with a firm choice.

If you are looking for a more specific style like a realism tattoo in Melbourne, it is important that you find a female artist who is more than qualified and capable to achieve that look.

Wait, before you make a decision, know that the names we have listed above are just the guy artists we have in our tattoo studio, who are hailed among the best tattoo artists in Melbourne. That means we still have their female counterparts who are nailing the tattoo design game!

At Vivid Ink Tattoos, we have one female tattoo artist who excels in realism tattoo, black and greys, and designs that have something to do with nature or animals. Get to know her better below.


Tamara began tattooing in 2011 after having been an artist for some time before that. She got into tattooing after initially studying visual arts and design, then becoming a graphic designer for three years and eventually getting over the corporate world. Tamara most enjoys black and grey realism and anything to do with animals/nature.

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Naomi (Apprentice)

Naomi’s drawing style is heavily influenced by my her love of nature and anything botanical, she works mostly in fineline & blackwork but also enjoys experimenting with bolder lines and colour.