20 Best Blast Over Tattoo Ideas

Over time, your tattoos can look faded and unappealing, and you may even regret the design of your skin. Because of this, many people opt to get a tattoo cover-up.

But just because you no longer like your tattoo doesn’t mean you should let its artistic value go to waste. Utilise your old design by getting a blast over tattoo.

With this kind of tattoo, you can still use elements of your old tattoo while creating a new and more vibrant design.

Blast Over Tattoo

Many think that the only way to cover up a tattoo is with an even bigger design. If you want to hide any remnants of the past completely, this is the way to go. But if a part of you is still attached to the sentiments of that old design, you can opt for a blast over tattoo.

What is a blast over tattoo? This is a tattoo design that uses lines and negative spaces. A blast over doesn’t completely cover your existing tattoo; however, it does use the colours and details of your old one. Most of the time, blast overs use bold black designs to focus on the colour the background adds to the negative space. The dynamic design gives the blast over more depth and dimension.

This is perfect if you don’t want to completely let go of your tattoos. If you no longer have space for new tattoos, this is also a good idea. You will find that, with a blast over tattoo, before and after can become one.

Blast Over Ideas

If you are thinking of getting a blast over tattoo, you need to make you get a design you won’t regret. Here are some blast over tattoo ideas you can check out:


skull cover up tattoo
blast over tattoo
blast over tattoo ideas
blast over tattoos
traditional blast over tattoo
blast over tattoo style



blast over tattoo flower
blast over rose tattoo
cover up blast over tattoo

People and Faces

japanese blast over tattoo
healed blast over tattoo
blast over tattoo before and after


Get Your Blast Over Tattoos at Vivid Ink Tattoos

When your tattoo starts to fade, you may think it’s time to cover it up. But when you get a blast over tattoo, you can combine the old and the new. And if you are looking for reliable tattoo artists in Melbourne, the ones to trust are at Vivid Ink Tattoos. Call us now!

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