15+ Awesome Tattoo Cover-Up Ideas

Many mistakes are hard to fix, and some leave marks you no longer want to see. Sometimes, you also have marks that you want to hide from the light. However, there aren’t many ways to conceal these things. Getting a cover-up tattoo would be a good idea if you aren’t afraid of needles.

Tattoos are meant to be flaunted. That is why it can be heartbreaking to have to cover them up. And you can’t just choose any large design to go over your old ink; you need to make sure this is a design you won’t regret this time around. You need a design that will flawlessly cover your mistakes without any traces.

By definition, a cover-up tattoo is a design that is placed on top of a tattoo design. There are many reasons why people would want to cover their old tattoos. Some may be fading, they might be embarrassing, and others even get scar cover-up tattoos. Whatever the case, it is meant to bring new life and meaning to your tattoo.

Cover-Up Tattoo Ideas

Getting the right tattoo cover-up can sometimes be tricky. You need to get a design you are sure you won’t regret. That is why you must look through all your options regarding ideas for tattoo cover-ups.

Still don’t know which one to get? Here are some tattoo cover-up ideas you can check out:

Flower Cover-up Tattoo

Nothing can compare to the beauty of nature. It’s not surprising why many people go for flowers as their cover-up. The best thing about flowers is that there is more than one kind, so you don’t have to worry about having the same design as someone else.

Flower Cover-up Tattoo
best tattoo coverups
tattoo coverup

Blast Over Tattoos

Sometimes, it’s a good idea not to let your tattoo designs go to waste. You may think your old design is fading or has become irrelevant to who you are now. You don’t always have to cover it up; you can add a layer or outlines that will use the colours from your old tattoo.

blastover tattoo
traditional blast over tattoo
blast over tattoo sleeve

Skull Cover-up Tattoo

One of the most common tattoo designs is the skull. You will see people with different skull designs on their bodies. And what is a more poetic way of covering something dead to you than a skull?

skull cover up tattoo
black skull tattoo cover up
skull tattoo cover up ideas

Blackout Cover Up Tattoos

If you plan on covering something, you might as well just go all in. When it comes to cover-up, big designs are the way to go. And what’s more badass than a full sleeve or full back tattoo?

blackout tattoo cover up before and after
blackout tattoo cover up

Scar Cover-up Tattoo

Sometimes, people have scars they want to hide. But that doesn’t mean you need to make it too intricate. Even a small scar tattoo cover-up like a cartoon is enough to get the job done.

scar cover up tattoo
best scar cover up tattoos
feminine scar cover ups tattoo


It takes skill and creativity to bring something unappealing and turn it into art. This is just one of the things you can do with your tattoos. Instead of hiding it, you can use it as the base and inspiration for a better design.


One of the best ways to bring new life to your tattoos is by adding colour. Let go of the boring past and have fun with a unique and more playful hue.

Get Inked

Getting tattoos is a big decision. Once you get them, they’re with you for life. That is why you need to make sure you get the right design.

But sometimes, things don’t always go how you want them to. Many people have had to get tattoo cover-ups to fix their mistakes. If you plan to cover something, be it a scar, a birthmark, or a smaller tattoo, the one to trust is Vivid Ink Tattoos. Give us a call to learn more about what we do.

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