Frequently Asked Questions

With a great passion for clean and lasting tattoos, Vivid Ink Tattoo has quickly become a go-to place for people who want to get inked. Our team of talented artists is always sought after as they work closely with clients, giving them a one-of-a-kind tattoo design that lasts.

Prior to getting a tattoo, read these frequently asked questions to know what we do and what we can offer:

1. Can I design my own tattoo?
Yes. We help you design the tattoo.

2. Will your artists help me customise a design?

3. How many sessions will it take?
Depends on the design and details.

4. How do I set an appointment with your tattoo artists in Melbourne?
You can either call us directly or contact us via email.

5. Can I request that your female tattoo artists in Melbourne ink my design?

6. Do you accept walk-ins in your tattoo studio in Melbourne?
We do. If we have time available. Much better for appointment.

7. Do you have a deposit policy?
No. Just pay every after the session.

8. How much will it cost to get inked?
Charge is 185 AU$ per hour. Apprentice rate is cheaper.

9. Do you cover up bad tattoos?

10. Will you fix a bad tattoo?

11. Do you do realism tattoo in Melbourne?

12. Do you do minimalist tattoo in Melbourne?

13. Can underage individuals get a tattoo from your studio?

14. Does it hurt to get a tattoo?
Hurts a little.

15. I have skin allergies. Will you do a skin test?

16. Are there preparations I need to do prior to getting a tattoo?

17. If I gain weight, will my tattoo stretch?
Yes, it will.

18. Do you comply with safety and health regulations?

19. What aftercare do you recommend for my tattoo?
We recommend Doctor Pickles, Tattoo Goo, or any other recommended tattoos that are catering aftercare.

20. Where is your tattoo studio located?
1/70 Bowmore Road Noble Park VIC 3174 Australia

Excited to see your own design come to life? Book an appointment with Vivid Ink Tattoos today! Call us at +61 (0) 3 8555 2268.