Minimalist Tattoo

Getting inked is a lifelong commitment. If you’re thinking of getting inked for the very first time in your life, your best bet is a minimalist tattoo. It’s subtler and chicer than your first love’s full name emblazoned on your chest. In case you have low pain tolerance, the process of getting inked with a minimalist tattoo design finishes faster. Just imagine going for a big design and asking a tattoo artist to stop midway because you can’t handle the pain anymore.

The aftercare is also a lot easier to manage given the tattoo’s micro size. That’s among the top reasons why most people choose a minimalist tattoo when getting inked for the first time. Also, minimalist design ideas are endless! You can get a ring-style tattoo on your finger, a symbolic number (birthday, wedding date, etc.) on your wrist, or maybe even one word that speaks to you inked on your upper arm.

With the help of a skilled minimalist tattoo artist here at Vivid Ink Studio, you can get your preferred minimalist design inked on any body part you want. If you’re ready to get a minimalist tattoo, consult our team of tattoo artists in Melbourne.