11 Cool Small Tattoo Ideas for Men

When asked what a tattooed man should look like, people imagine someone with completely covered arms. Well, not anymore. Men no longer have to feel pressured to get giant skin art. Now, simple tattoo ideas are as common as large ones. In fact, if you are getting your first ink, small tattoo ideas for men would be perfect. This way, you have more chances of levelling up your tattoos.

Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking to get yourself a tattoo, don’t rush in with a big one. There are a lot of small tattoo ideas for men that may be perfect for you. In a world where minimalism is preferred by many, small tattoos can be the way to go. Need some inspiration? Here are some cool tattoo ideas you should check out:

Full Sleeve Tattoo

1. Letters

One common tattoo that men get is letters. These letters can represent names or whatever they want it to be. This is a cool tattoo because it doesn’t need to be much to have an impact. A tattoo like this is perfect for anyone who wants a tattoo that’s easy to understand.

Small Animal Tattoo

2. Small Animal Tattoo

Many people believe that there are animals that represent a part of themselves. That is why they acknowledge and celebrate their spirit animals in the best way. A tiny tattoo of your chosen beast is enough to display your truth and personality.

Small Symbol Tattoos

3. Small Symbol Tattoos

You see it on cave walls, brand logos, and even street graffiti. Men have always used symbols. Some of these are from psychological associations, others with cultural meaning. Whatever the case, there are a lot of symbols you can pick from to decorate your body.

Tiny flower Tattoos

4. Tiny flower Tattoos

Flowers are nature’s favourite accessory. They are also great for small tattoos. From roses to sunflowers and even lotuses, you can find all kinds of small flower tattoos. And whoever said men couldn’t don flowers is an idiot. Embrace your softer side with these tattoos.

Small Quote Tattoos

5. Small Quote Tattoos

Famous last words, bible verses, song lyrics, and even poems; all these can be the inspiration for your next tattoo. As you should know, words hold so much power. That is why stamping it on your skin can also feel empowering.


6. Series

No one ever said your small tattoo had to only be on the image. If you are up for it, why don’t you try getting a series of tattoos like planets, the phases of the moon, or the different elements? Getting small related tattoos is great for large areas of skin you want to play with.

small compass tattoo

7. Compass Tattoo

What about a tattoo for the adventurer? Well, the best one for that would be a compass. Getting a compass tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves to travel and go on different journeys. If there ever was a tool for every wanderer, it is perhaps the compass.

line tattoo

8. line tattoo

Lines can create a lot of stunning designs. You can start off with an ordinary line and let it go on to become a skyline or a heartbeat. There are so many designs you can do with lines. You can even draw on a bunch of them to create a barcode.

line tattoo

9. Celestial Bodies

People with big dreams are often told to reach for the stars. Well, with the right tattoo, you can reach for all kinds of celestial bodies. No longer will you have to look longingly up at the sky; all you have to do is glance at your skin. Through tattoos, the sun, moon, and stars will be yours forever.

line tattoo

10. Patterns

If you want to stick to tradition, you will still find a small tribal pattern tattoo design that fits your culture. Or, if you are a modern kind of guy, you can also get geometric patterns on you. Designs that use different patterns can be a cool twist to any small tattoo.

line tattoo

11. Names

We all have special people in our lives. You can tattoo their names on your skin if you want them close to you. Tattooing the names of your loved ones is a very meaningful way of remembering them.

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