What Does Your Tattoo Reveal About You?

Melbourne is a city that is filled with more than just captivating street art brimming with life and creativity, it is also where you can find the best tattoo artists in the world. With tattoo becoming a staple in almost everyone’s bucket list, more and more people are flocking to the city to be inked by the best tattoo artists Melbourne has to offer.

It is common to see people with tattoos in the streets of the city. Tattoo studios in Melbourne have also grown in number over the years, thanks to the people who aim to keep its rich tattoo culture alive. All these begs one to question where did this love for tattoos start? What does it say about someone who has them?

Why do people get tattoos?

Tattooing is an art that our ancestors started practicing hundreds of years ago. They used it as a mark of social status or a symbol of punishment. It conveys an individual’s rich history, their trials and triumphs.

Nowadays, we use it in a way that is not so far removed from the way it was used before. We don it on our bodies as a form of expression, an exquisite piece of art that remains with us until the moment we draw our last breath. Some people, however, are still reluctant about getting one.

But did you know that tattoos reveal a lot of things about someone who has them? In this article we talk about the traits that are common among people who have tattoos and if you have one, then this article will prove why we certainly need more people like you.

You are not afraid of commitments.

Tattoo is a body art made possible by puncturing the skin with needles that inject the ink in the process. If executed properly, it results in a beautiful piece that you would have to bear forever. Tattoos are permanent and once you commit to getting one, there’s no going back. Sure, new technology has made it possible for laser to be used to remove tattoo, but it still leaves a faint remnant of your tattoo behind.

That fact remains, getting a tattoo takes people who are steadfast in their decisions, big or small. Once they get started, there is just no way to make them stop.

You want to embody art.

There is no better way of saying this, but people who sport tattoos are walking pieces of art. They treat their bodies as the canvas wherein each tattoo makes up the entire masterpiece. As any piece of art, people who have tattoos want to leave a mark, they want to be remembered, and they aim to make the world a little less dull. They want to convey a message, but instead of going head to head with words, they go with the visuals on their bodies and rest easy with the knowledge that they have said enough.

You are not short on courage.

Getting a tattoo is not for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of time to finish one, and for most of the time, you sit in a studio being pierced multiple times with needles that are dragged across your skin. Even the best tattoo artists Melbourne could not make this process any less painful.

It is not an easy journey but some people, especially for those who have gone through more painful times, another tattoo is nothing but an insect bite. People like you are not short on courage, and you want people to know just how strong you are.

You love art.

It takes a person who loves and understands this art form to be able to stand the pain that it takes to get one. People who would rather not have tattoos could still be artistic and creative, but people like you are the ones who want to take your love for it up another notch. When you love something so much, you would want the world to know, wouldn’t you?

You do not care about stereotypes.

Even today, some countries are still iffy about the whole idea of “vandalising” one’s body with tattoo. Some grandparents still panic at the thought that their grandchildren are friends with tattooed people. The media does not help either. By portraying the villains as men or women with tattoos, they continue to perpetrate the idea that people who have them are part of a gang or are simply bad people who are up to no good.

You, however, do not care about these stereotypes. You want to break the mold by telling a different narrative. Body art is not always indicative of being a bad individual. Being wealthy or poor, classy or tough cannot be distinguished with tattoos and you want to prove this to whoever is looking.

You enjoy symbolism and deeper meanings.

People say that beauty is only skin deep, but for you, tattoos cut deeper into your soul and you find that beautiful. You want people to marvel at the meaning behind each symbol and each design you have on your body. You also want to be reminded of the things that they represent. Tattoos could be a way to tell your whole story to the world without saying much, and you find comfort in the probability that they will.

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