Traditional Tattoo

Traditional tattoo has a long and rich history. At one point, every tribe in the world has had its practice of traditional tattooing that went on to shape the art form in many ways today. Although the ultimate roots of traditional tattooing are said to come from Polynesia, there are other origins to be considered. Some sources cite that Captain Cook and his crew help spread the art of tattooing to the western world. Other historical sources say that a 2,500-year-old mummy in Southern Siberia was found with a rich collection of ink similar to contemporary tattoos.

Today, traditional tattoo styles come in many different forms: landscapes, animals, military insignia, religious iconography, shapes like stars and triangles, etc. Every traditional tattoo design has an attached meaning to it. For example, traditional tattoo in the form of animals like eagles, sharks, and panthers can be deemed as a symbol of strength.

Are you interested in this famed tattoo aesthetic? Have a traditional tattoo etched on your skin with the help of our tattoo artists in Melbourne. We’ll find the unique style and design that reflects your personality.

Below are some of the tattoo designs we have worked on here at Vivid Ink Tattoo Studio.